A new character-driven project bringing you a unique story through manga, illustrations, relaxing tunes, and beautiful voices.

These days, there are many projects that combine music, characters, and voice actresses, with dramatic, passionate stories, and exciting live concerts.


Is that the only way to enjoy this kind of content? We set out to create a project that allows fans to truly, deeply appreciate the power and joy of music, to find the time to relax and forget the cares of the day.

A project to make our busy lives just a bit more special, just a bit more fulfilling, every day. That's swing,sing.


The hustle and bustle of the big city.

Sumire Yaotome, a student at a music school in a major metropolis, decided one day that she just had to get away from it all, and vowed to transfer to a school outside the city.

She made her way to Nagano Prefecture, finding herself amongst the resorts and vacation homes that lined the picturesque streets, and by chance, found herself at Cafe Primrose. She could hear the faint sounds of instruments being played, and could smell just a hint of coffee in the air.

But this pleasant little cafe and its relaxed atmosphere held a little secret. It was about to go bankrupt.

"Sumire, please, help me save our cafe!"

The little voice that called out to Sumire for help was Momo Momose, the diligent young girl who ran the cafe.

Here begins our youthful story, of friends working to breathe new life into their beloved cafe, through music.


  • Original Story

    Aki Isumi

    A scriptwriter and story author since his teens, Aki Isumi has worked on numerous projects for the entertainment industry, including writing screenplays and choreography for live performances. He is also active as a consultant for various companies in the areas of project planning and content development, and is well-versed in the creation of new character content business.

  • Music Producer

    Hirotaka Hayakawa

    Founded Rebrast, a music production firm, in 2014. In addition to his duties as president of Rebrast, he continues to compose and produce a wide variety of tracks, including "idol" genre music and soundtracks for video games. His 2018 AKB48 hit song "Teacher Teacher" earned him a prestigious Japan Record Award. In 2018 and 2019, he produced three separate chart-topping hits, each reaching over 1,000,000 sales.

  • Character Design

    Eight Tohyama

    Active as an illustrator and mangaka since 2016, and currently working primarily with COMIC BAVEL and COMIC EUROPA. His accomplishments include character design and illustrations for the DMM Games product "Maiden Ritter" and cover art and illustrations for GA Bunko's "Henkyo Kizoku, Mirai no Rekishisho de Nariagaru ~ Irisgard Kokokuki".

  • Comic Adaptation


    Toriyaro makes his commercial manga debut with "swing,sing"! His previous activities include creative work posted to social media, and the unique expressions and designs he gives to his characters give life to our story.